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Super Forms

  1. There will be no seeds.
  2. Spin the wheel to see which division you will be performing
  3. Bo, Kama, Chux, Sword (please bring your own, or borrow)
  4. All other weapons will be provided.
  5. Music will be provided.
  6. Each round judges will be judging with tougher standards, so perform at your best!
  • 13 & Under – ALL RANKS (Boys & Girls)
  • 14 – 60 – ALL RANKS (Boys & Girls)


  1. Spin the wheel
  2. Perform division selected (if you win Cash or Weapons, you spin again until you land on a division, you can not win Cash or Weapons more than once per round)
  3. Perform for a minimum of 30 seconds, judges will say when to stop
  4. Judges will score with either Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down (3 Judges)
  5. If a weapon is dropped you are automatically disqualified.

Each round will get more difficult and the judges will be looking for more specifics depending on division. (holding weapon correctly, correct execution, synchronized to the music, Extreme VS. Creative, Japanese VS. Korean, etc.)


Winners will receive an Xbox!

(2 winners, 1 per division)