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Friday, June 2nd

2:00 PM: Registration Opens
4:00 PM: Officials Meeting (Required for all Judges/Scorekeepers)
5:00 PM: Friday Competition Begins
9:00 PM: New England Open Special Division’s (Super Forms, Movado Challenge, Etc.)

Saturday, June 3rd

7:30 AM: Registration Opens
8:30 AM: Saturday Competition Begins
5:00 PM: Under Belt Finals
7:30 PM: Black Belt Night Finals

IMPORTANT! Blackbelt run-offs/grands will start immediately after divisions are finished on Saturday.

Daytime Divisions

To see a full list of divisions, please visit our divisions page. If you are unsure of which division(s) you qualify for, go to the registration page and enter in the competitors information. A list of your eligible divisions will automatically appear once you have filled out the following fields: Birthday. Gender, Rank/Belt Color, and Weight.


For All Ranks:
– Team Sync, Team Demo, Team Sparring
– Super Forms

For Black Belts:
– All Musical & Extreme Divisions
– Creative Weapons Only

For Under Belts:
– All Musical Divisions
– Team Demo
– Team Sparring


For Black Belts:
– Traditional Forms & Traditional Weapons
– Creative Forms Only
– Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring
– Physically Challenged Forms

For Under Belts:
– All Divisions (except Musical Divisions)